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We got in contact with artist and illustrator David Bray and were very delighted when he agreed to answer our crazy questions. We talk about magic lip balm, Dallas Chicken and being bullied by the ladies...

PSD: So whats your preferred name? David Bray, Bonsey, Dash Braze, Falk Jensen, Chubby Rope or Lucius Beebe? And who are these people?

David Bray: The name in my passport is Dennis Brown. All of the above are alter egos for different aspects of my sporadic outpourings. I just find it easier to divide them up into separate personalities. There are more, a whole heap more - but these are separate from me and the website. Here's one......http://esillustration.com/content/bobby-jones. I'm not going to reveal any more.

PSD: You manage to create some amazing detailed images with pencil and pen. Have you ever been tempted to spray paint or paint?

David Bray: I'm really tempted to paint. I've a big board in my studio with a painted piece started, but its early days. I'm just not as confident with a brush. Always trying though. Its good to play with different mediums, test yourself. As long as I have been doing this, the overlying theme is PLAY. Its work avoidance.

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PSD: How would you describe your work? And would you consider yourself to be an illustrator or a fine artist?

David Bray: I find it really difficult to describe my own work, which sounds like a trite response. I can never find the correct words or phrase(s) - and when I say it or write it, I cringe. I'm an illustrator and an artist. I work as a commercial illustrator. I work on personal projects as an artist. I would also like to be a photographer and a sculptor. It is far too late for me to be a footballer.

PSD: Has your art ever helped you with the ladies or saved you from being bullied at school?

David Bray: It got me bullied by the ladies.

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PSD: Who are your biggest influences?

David Bray: It changes every week, the list is endless. Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt, Kenny Scharf, Allen Jones, Eric Stanton, Helmut Newton, Jean Genet, Charles M. Schulz, Jim Henson, Word to Mother, David Bowie. I've typed that list and feel very unworthy.

PSD: Whats your remedy for a creative block?

David Bray: Work through it.

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PSD: If we gave you some magic lip balm that allowed you to do whatever you wanted without any repercussions what would you do (bearing in mind that you can only use it once and then everything returns back to normal after 2 hours)?

David Bray: Steal more magic lip balm.

PSD: How old were you when you realised you could draw?

David Bray: Maybe when my mum made me show some distant relatives a drawing of a reindeer I had copied from a Christmas card. I was 4.

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PSD: Tell us 3 things about you that people may not know?

David Bray: The model for all the Dirty Sanchez stuff was my Dad, he won't thank me for that. I am claustrophobic. My mother used to cut David Bowie's hair.

PSD: If you could have lunch at Dallas Chicken with with four artists living or dead, who would you choose?

David Bray: There is a fried chicken shop in Honor oak called Bertie Roosters. I like the mix of literature and oily food. I like the name its not pretending to be American. There was a kid at school called Ken Tuckie. I would have lunch with Ken Kesey, Allen Ginsberg, Hunter S Thompson and Timothy Leary. An expansive afternoon. And hopefully the food would remain untouched

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PSD: Do you listen to music whilst working? Whats on your music list?

David Bray: I listen to music. Music, like drawing, is a drug. The past few weeks I have been listening to Kuedo, Vatican Shadow, a lot of Hype Williams, King Midas Sound, Plaid, and a whole heap of mixes from Blackest Ever Black.

PSD: When drawing starts getting on your nerves, how do you relax?

David Bray: I go and watch Crystal Palace play football and shout obscenities.

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PSD: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to pursue an art career?

David Bray: Play.

PSD: Is there anything your working on at the moment?

David Bray: An art/music thing in Munich in January.

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A big thank you to 'Chubby Rope' for the interview. You can find out more about David Bray by visiting the links below: