We jumped at the chance to grab a quick interview with another one of PEANUT SOUP DELUXE's favourite artist Joseph McSween. We talk about beautiful women, staying humble, Dino-Riders and...Justin Bieber...

PSD: Would you describe yourself as a illustrator or fine artist? And do you have a preference?

Joseph McSween: I would just call myself an Artist, I can pretty much create with anything in front of me. I guess my paintings would be considered fine art though.

PSD: Who is 2H?

Joseph McSween: 2H was a graffiti crew my brother came up with when I was in middle school and I just kind of kept the name when I started doing graffiti and street work.


PSD: How would you describe your work in a few words?

Joseph McSween: Beautiful, painterly evolving works in progress.

PSD: Tell us how you start your day?

Joseph McSween: Make a pot of coffee, check emails, facebook, put on some music and paint.


PSD: What do you do when you're not working?

Joseph McSween: Relax, watch films, study art, hang out with friends, ride my bike, skateboard.

PSD: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Joseph McSween: Beautiful Women, nature, geometry, magic,music.


PSD: Do you listen to music when you work? Who's on your music list?

Joseph McSween: I have to have music playing. I usually search for new music everyday before I work unless I'm caught up on a few good albums on repeat. It's pretty important to my creative process. I guess a few I've listened to lately would be Beach House, Purity Ring,Great Lake Swimmers, Future Islands, Soft Moon. Depends on the mood but usually pretty deep and mellow gets me in the zone.


PSD: If you could spend a day with four artists, living or dead, who would you choose?

Joseph McSween: I'd like to hang with dead Sargent, Klimt, Falero, Rembrandt. Alive would be Aryz, Hera and Akut, Os Gemeos. I guess that's 9 but I could go on all day.


PSD: You lose a bet and forfeit by going to a Justin Bieber concert. On the way back you find a box of doughnuts, a pair of Dolly Parton sandals, a box of tomatoes, Justin  Bieber's hotel keys and a time machine. What happens next?

Joseph McSween: First of all I would pretend to go to settle the bet, I would discard the doughnuts, sell the Dolly Parton sandals on Ebay, throw the tomatoes at random things in the city, pee on Bieber's hotel belongings, leave and use the Time machine to start my own real life Dino-riders colony and be the first person to paint in a cave.

PSD: Tell us 3 things about you that people may not know?

Joseph McSween: I'm colorblind, I taught myself how to make art, I'm a dreamer.


PSD: What's your biggest phobia?

Joseph McSween: Humans.

PSD: What advice would you give to anyone wanting to pursue a similar career?

Joseph McSween: Turn back while you still can. No, I don't know really, do what you were born to do and what you love. Stay humble because there's always somebody ahead of you even if there not in the media spotlight.


PSD: Is there anything your working on at the moment?

Joseph McSween: I'm usually always working on new paintings and trying to progress my art to a new level. I'd like to paint until I die and then be in museums so somebody looks at my work like I look at the artists before me and stays inspired to create new things.


A big thanks to 2H for this interview. Check out the links below for more artwork from Joseph McSween.

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